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Leonberger Hall of Fame Criteria

Qualification for Induction into the Leonberger Hall of Fame will be determined on the basis of the criteria in place at the time of the last qualifying achievement of the dog.

Adopted August 2016
Updated Conformation January 2018
Updated Service January 2019

The Hall of Fame recognizes elite working teams, who have demonstrated drive, stamina and instinctive working ability. Entry into the Leonberger Hall of Fame will be through four categories.

Hall of Fame in Conformation
• 3 time ranked 1st, 2nd or 3rd Top Leonberger Dog or Bitch

Hall of Fame in Versatility
• Earned a VLX and accumulated a total of 50 points through unique titles from the Versatility Program

Hall of Fame in Service
• Therapy – successfully completed 300 documented visits
• Search and Rescue – earned certification from a recognized Search and Rescue organization

Hall of Fame in Performance
• Obedience – earned the UDX
• Agility – earned the (MX or MXP) and (MXJ or MXJP)
• Drafting – successfully passed the ODD trials 4 times
• Water Work – successfully earned the WRDX or passed the WRD trials 4 times
• Tracking – has earned all 5 tracking titles TD, TDU, TDX, VST and CT
• Nose Work / Scent Work – earned the NW3 Elite or SWM
• Rally – earned RACH
These criteria should be reviewed annually.

Have a question or a dog that may be eligible for induction?  Contact the Leonberger Working Dog and Award Team.