Osteosarcoma Vaccine

Learn About University of Pennsylvania’s Life-Extending
Osteosarcoma Vaccine Research

DrMasonThe Leonberger Health Foundation has arranged for the principal investigator of the osteosarcoma vaccine, Dr. Nicola Mason, to speak to us on Thursday evening at 7:30. The newest clinical trial that will begin this spring will include a Leonberger.

Dr. Mason and her team are experimenting with a vaccine designed to eliminate the deadly cancer cells that survive in a dog’s body following surgery and chemotherapy. “If the immune system is appropriately ‘awakened’ by this vaccine, then the immune cells will find and eliminate any remaining cancer cells that have avoided chemotherapy. Furthermore, it is hoped that the immune system will develop a ‘memory’ of these cancer cells and will be able to prevent further osteosarcoma lesions from developing.”

The preliminary results are encouraging. Dogs who have received the vaccine are still alive and healthy well beyond the time they would have expected to die.

Too many Leonberger owners have heard the frightening diagnosis; spent sleepless nights deciding whether or not their Leo would want to live as a tripod; struggled with the question of where to get the thousands of dollars for surgery and six rounds of chemotherapy, just to gain a few more precious weeks of life.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear Dr. Mason in person and learn about this important step forward in Leonberger health.