Matings and Current Litters

Updated 9/19/18

The following is a paid-for list of current breedings and available litters from US and grandfathered Canadian LCA member breeders.

Canadian litters are CKC-registered but puppies can be registered with the AKC.

Please remember that when purchasing a puppy, the contract is between you and the Breeder. The Breeders on this list have agreed to abide by the LCA Member Practices, however the Leonberger Club of America does not warrant, explicit or implied, the quality of the puppies in the matings and litters listed. (Email

Recent Litters in the US

Born: 6/29/18 – 4Male/3 Females ( 2 Males Available)
Sire: Locxley of Sherwood-Fenway Du Clos Des Papes – (Moose) foreign dog
Dam: Quinnhtukqut’s Am Bound & Determined, CGC
Kennel: Quinnehtukqut
Breeder: Paula Verrier
Location: CT
Phone: 860-428-5729

Born: 7/14/18 – 3Males/3 Females
Sire: Clamourford Mercury Man (Herbie) Australian
Dam: Heart n Soul’s Lick and a Promise (Caper) CHIC# 120817
Kennel: Ambergait
Breeder: Amy Samida
Location: MI
Phone: 734-276-8748

Born: 7/18/18 – 3 Males/2 Females (1 male/2 Females available)
Sire: Redwood Trail Egon Excalibur (Egon) CHIC#119123
Dam: Stony Creek Myna Charme (Charme) CHIC# 129249
Kennel: Rev It Up
Breeder: Paula Rae DeVore
Location: IL
Phone: 309-945-2762

Born: 8/3/18 – 4M/4 F – 2 Females Available
Sire: GCH Lowenhohle’s Magical Phalin Perrin (Perrin)CHIC#13229
Dam: Vectiseleon Birlan Latanya (Anya) CHIC# 132290
Kennel: Lowenhohle
Breeder: Julie Schaffert
Location: WA
Phone: 778-788-3348

Born: 8/4/18 – 5 Males/4 Females (1 Male/2 Females available)
Sire: GCH Quadrophenia von Alpensee (Mickey) CHIC# 127212
Dam: Kalahari’s Enchanted Serenade ( Chella0 CHIC# 117083
Kennel: Kalahari
Breeder: Julia Brady
Location: TX
Phone: 972-838-8921

Born: 9/2/18 – 4 Males/4 Females (all spoken for)
Sire: GCH Redwood Trail Bourbon Joe (Tug) CHIC# 87828
Dam: Aldibaras Twist by Ly-Z (Nora) CHIC# 120247
Kennel: Pride Rock
Breeder: Suzie Kovalsky
Location: NJ
Phone: 201-675-6811

Born: 9/4/18 – 4 Males/6 Females (3 Females available)
Sire: CH Tsavo’s Home for Christmas, RN, RI, TKN, CGC,CGCA, CGCU (Harry) CHIC#  117409
Dam: CH Anchor Creek’s Dolce Sera RN, CD TKN, CGC, CGCA, CGCU (Sera) CHIC# 124280
Kennel: Anchor Creek
Breeder : Sandra Ling
Location: OH
Phone: 440-983-4214

Born: 9/16/18 – 3 Males/3 Females (2 Males/2 Females Available)
Sire: GCH Irresistible Force von Alpensee GGC (Rubus) CHIC# 118975
Dam: GCH Panthera’s Dilly Dally, CGC CHIC# 102061
Kennel: Panthera Leos
Breeder: Virginia Bartholomay
Location: MT
Phone: 847-612-0045

Recent Matings in US

7/31/18 – pregnant
Sire: GCH CH Fiva’s Zokrates (Zippo) – foreign dog (Sweden)
Dam:  CH VL Tipping Point’s Adventure RN NAP CGCA TKN (Venture) CHIC# 106841
Kennel: Tipping Point
Breeder: D’Nae Wilson
Location: TX
Phone: 806-239-5860

Bred: 8/1/18 – pregnant
Sire: CH Frayleys Major Dogimus (Major) CHIC# 108811
Dam: Lowenhohles Whimsical Kai Lie (Kai) CHIC# 91978
Kennel: Frayley
Breeder :  Michele Davis
Location: WA
Phone: 360-435-6372

Bred: 8/14/18 – pregnant
Sire: Leodania’s Baltic Baron (Brody) CHIC# 108388
Dam: BoBev’s Cute Cuddles (Cuddles ) CHIC# 119979
Kennel: BoBev
Breeder: Beverly Travis
Location: NY
Phone: 845-676-3154

Bred: 8/29/18
Sire: CH High Hopoes A Walk On The Wild Side (Walker) CHIC# 114683
Dam: Kissable Kimba of Serengeti (Kimba) CHIC#133154
Kennel: Serengeti
Breeder: Karen Zedeker
Location; OH
Phone: 513-897-1213

Bred: 9/1/18
Sire: Bellawood’s Deja Vu  v. Sanftenloewen (Al) CHIC# 97101
Dam: Little Willow Gelassenheit Savannah
Kennel: Little Willow
Breeder: Richard Bennett
Location: UT
Phone: 801-979-2229

Bred: 9/4/18
Sire: Starhaven’s Magnus Jolo Amazigh (Jake) CHIC# 104389
Dam: Starfire Irriestable Tayirue (Rue) CHIC#194923
Kennel: Creekside
Breeder: Mary Lynn Ferguson
Location: UT
Phone: 801-541-9595

Bred: 9/1/18
Sire: Dragonslair’s Turok CGC LTA (Turok) CHIC# 114161
Dam: GCH Cherrywoods Won to Watch at Achares CGC TDI LtA (Ripley) CHIC# 114682
Kennel: Achates
Breeder: Harold Hoffmeier
Location: NY
Phone: 607-535-2540

Bred: 9/6/18
Sire: GCH CH Leodania’s Ma Reggie Di Calabria (Reggie) CHIC# 55747
Dam: CH Caprock’s Apple Springs CGC TDI (Shea) CHIC# 122965
Kennel: Blacksod Bay Leonbergers
Breeder: Kerri Doelling
Location: CO
Phone: 773-456-9130

Bred; 9/11/18
Sire: GCH CH Quantam Leap von Alpensee (Dr. Beckett) CHIC#126884
Dam: GCH CH Kamenah’s Epic Journey CGCA CGCU (Journey) CHIC# 126885
Kennel: Kamenah
Breeder: Juanita Allen
Location: WA
Phone: 503-201-2076


Available Litters in Canada

Matings  in Canada

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