Matings and Litters

Matings and Current Litters

Updated 6/20/17

The following is a paid-for list of current breedings and available litters from US and grandfathered Canadian LCA member breeders.

Canadian litters are CKC-registered but puppies can be registered with the AKC.

Please remember that when purchasing a puppy, the contract is between you and the Breeder. The Breeders on this list have agreed to abide by the LCA Member Practices, however the Leonberger Club of America does not warrant, explicit or implied, the quality of the puppies in the matings and litters listed. (Email

Recent Litters in the US

Born: 4/11/17 – 2 Males/2 Females  (1 female available)
Sire: Frayley’s Handsome Majou Dogimus (Major) CHIC# 108811
Dam: Wotsit von der Lohenhohle (Wotsit) CHIC# 103103
Kennel: Lowenhohle
Breeder: Julie Schaffert
Location: WA
Phone: 253-849-9620

Born: 5/20/17 – 3 Males/7 Females  (3 Females available)
Sire: Redwood Trail Egon Excalibur (Egon) CHIC# 119123
Dam: Kahimas Royal Candy (Lola) CHIC# 119800
Kennel: From the Lion’s Den
Breeder: Brenda Ford & Mary Ann Farenzena
Location: IL
Phone: 847-223-0324

Born: 5/23/17 – 3 Males (1 Available )
Sire: GCH Skjaergaardens M. Star Per Se (Thomas) CHIC# 111874
Dam: Kalahari’s Enchanted Serenade (Chella) CHIC# 117083
Kennel: Kalahari
Breeder: Julia Brady
Location: TX

Born: 5/25/17- 2 Males/8 Females (2 Females available)
Sire: Don Ricardo de Valdekakguila (Rocky) foreign dog
Dam: Quinnehtukqut’s Am Bound & Determined (Pixie) CHIC# 115136
Kennel: Quinnehtukqut
Breeder: Paula Verrier
Location: CT
Phone: 860-428-5729

Born: 5/27/17 – 6 Males/4 Females (all placed)
Sire: GCHB Sentez Smoke on the Water CGC (Smokey) CHIC# 116271
Dam: Dragonslair’s Taste of Honey (Tess) CHIC#113587
Kennel: Dragonslair
Breeder: Judy Johnston
Location: OH
Phone: 440-647-4439

Born: 6/14/17 – 1 Male/2 Females (2 Females available)
Sire: GCH Irresistible Reverence of Serengeti CGC (Revv) CHIC# 105922
Dam: GCH Bluebonnet’s Glamour Girl of Acorn (GiGi) CHIC#85185
Kennel: Sunset
Breeder: Karen Minardo
Location: NY
Phone: 585-346-9207

Born: 6/17/17 – 5 males/2 females
Sire: Dragonslair’s Turok CGC (Turok) CHIC# 114161
Dam: Live Oak’s Back Home at Cherrywood (Lizzie) CHIC# 109986
Kennel: Cherrywood
Breeder: Ann Rogers
Location: OH
Phone: 440-328-5647

Recent Matings in US

Bred; 4/22/17 – pregnant
Sire: CH Bevard’s Heart of Emerald Isle (Seamus) CHIC# 89903
Dam: CH Tempest in the Paint (Ziva) CHIC# 111490
Kennel: Tempest
Breeder: Kenneth Dodge
Location: NY
Phone: 315-447-8922

Bred: 4/28/17 – pregnant
Sire: Namupalan Bling Smack Chap (Marwin) foreign dog
Dam: GCH CH Panthera’s /dilly Dally (Dina) CHIC# 102081
Kennel: Panthera
Breeder: Ginny Bartholomay
Location: MT
Phone: 847-612-0045

Bred: 5/2/17 – pregnant
Sire: CH Aldibara’s Mr Big by Ly-Z (Big) CHIC# 118833
Dam: GCH Starhaven’s One Moment in Time, CGC (Isis) CHIC# 109129
Kennel: Maple Wood
Breeder: Melissa Zecher
Location: VT
Phone: 802-379-0030

Bred: 5/13/17 – pregnant
Sire: Mamili’s Obsession (Dimple) foreign dog – Norway
Dam: Gelassenheit Savannah (Savannah) CHIC# 114432
Kennel: Little Willow
Breeder: Richard Bennett
Location: Utah
Phone: 801-979-2229

Available Litters in Canada

Matings  in Canada

Bred: 5/2/17 – pregnant
Sire: Altair vom Welland (Schubie) CHIC#101771
Dam:  Sentez Que Bella Luna (Luna) CHIC# 100080
Kennel: Orovale
Breeder : Karen Heard
Location: ON
Phone: 905-825-2638



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