Matings and Current Litters

Updated 11/14/17

The following is a paid-for list of current breedings and available litters from US and grandfathered Canadian LCA member breeders.

Canadian litters are CKC-registered but puppies can be registered with the AKC.

Please remember that when purchasing a puppy, the contract is between you and the Breeder. The Breeders on this list have agreed to abide by the LCA Member Practices, however the Leonberger Club of America does not warrant, explicit or implied, the quality of the puppies in the matings and litters listed. (Email

Recent Litters in the US

Born: 9/10/17 – 5 Males/5 Females – 1 Female Available
Sire: Lowenhohle’s Mr. Winston (Churchill) CHIC#91977
Dam: Starfire Irresistible Tayiarue (Rue) CHIC# 104023
Kennel: Creekside
Breeder: Mary Lynn Ferguson
Location: UT
Phone: 801-541-9595
Website: http:/

Born: 10/16/17 – 7 Males/6 Females
Sire: Leodania’s Baltic Baron (Brody) CHIC# 108288
Dam: BoBev’s Dearest Darling (Darling) CGC CHIC# 120248
Kennel: BoBev
Breeder: Beverly Travis
Location: NY
Phone: 845-676-3154

Born: 11/3/17 – 6 Males/5 Females
Sire: GCH Redwood Trail Egon Excalibur (Egon) CHIC# 119123
Dam: GCH Tsavo’s Far NIente, RN, RA, BN, CD, TDN, CGC (Dolce) CHIC#100732
Kennel: Anchor Creek
Breeder: Jeff & Sandra Ling
Location: OH
Phone: 440-983-4214

Born: 11/8/17  – 3 Males/2 Females ( 1 Female available)
Sire: GCH Tsavo’s Heroic Voyager (Crusoe)) CHIC# 117692
Dam: CH Quiana Sophie (Sophia) CHIC# 119386
Kennel: Riverglen Leos
Breeder: Sue Runyon
Location: IA
Phone: 563-419-5660

Recent Matings in US

Bred: 9/19/17 – pregnant
Sire: CH Tsavo’s Heroic Voyager (Crusoe) CHIC# 117692
Dam: ForeverGreen’s Yarrow (Yarrow) CHIC# 108985
Kennel: Forever Green
Breeder: Sarah Mahoney
Location: MN
Phone: 952-469-3221

Bred: 9/22/17- pregnant
Sire: Desperado’s Just a fireball (Sam) CHIC# 110168
Dam: Yada B Lavender and Lace v.sanftenLoewen (Lacey) CHIC# 115005
Kennel: V.SanftenLoewen
Breeder: Mary Ann Ruggiero-Smith
Location: ID
Phone: 208-553-9234

Bred: 9/26/17 – pregnant
Sire: Desperado’s Journey Into the Storm GCH (Gully) CHIC#109848
Sire: Desperado’s Just a Fireball (Sam) CHIC#110168
Dam: Victoria’s Secret v.sanftenLoewen (Tori) CHIC#90797
Kennel: V.SanftenLoewen
Breeder: Mary Ann Ruggiero-Smith
Location: ID
Phone: 208-553-9234

10/2/17 o- pregnant
Sire: GCH Irresistible Force Von Alpensee CGC (Rubus) CHIC#118975
Dam: Wolfen Next Top Model (Tesla) CHIC# 115729
Kennel: Llondel
Breeder: David Hough
Location: CA
Phone: 408-493-5464

Bred: 10/4/17
Sire: GCH Irresistible Force von Alpensee (Rubus) CHIC# 118975
Dam: GCH Bellawoods Foxy Girl (Sable) CHIC#110640
Kennel: Monarch
Breeder: Cindy Stratton
Location: CA
Phone: 650-740-0515

Bred: 10/10/17 – pregnant
Sire: Legend De La Conte De La Battrie (Viking) Foreign Dog – France
Dam: CH Kara von Alpensee (Kara) CHIC# 119387
Kennel: Starhaven
Breeder: Agi Hejja
Location: VA
Phone: 804-556-6937

Bred: 10/11/17
Sire: CH Leodania’s Ma Reggio Di Calabria (Reggie) CHIC# 55747
Dam: Brighteye Elliott Barker (Ellie) CHIC# 103417
Kennel: Brighteye
Breeder: Deborah Hotze
Location: IL
Phone: 847-381-6009 / 847-308-0508

Bred: 11/2/17
Sire: Lowenholes Mr. Winston Churchill (Churchill) CHIC# 91977
Dam: Frayleys Harmony in the Cedar Grove (Cedar) CHIC# 108389
Kennel: Frayleys
Breeder: Michele Davis
Location: WA
Phone: 360-435-6372


Available Litters in Canada

Matings  in Canada




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