Matings and Current Litters

Updated 11/13/18

The following is a paid-for list of current breedings and available litters from US and grandfathered Canadian LCA member breeders.

Canadian litters are CKC-registered but puppies can be registered with the AKC.

Please remember that when purchasing a puppy, the contract is between you and the Breeder. The Breeders on this list have agreed to abide by the LCA Member Practices, however the Leonberger Club of America does not warrant, explicit or implied, the quality of the puppies in the matings and litters listed. (Email

Recent Litters in the US

Born: 10/13/18 – 8 Males/6 Females
Sire: Leodania’s Baltic Baron (Brody) CHIC# 108388
Dam: BoBev’s Cute Cuddles (Cuddles ) CHIC# 119979
Kennel: BoBev
Breeder: Beverly Travis
Location: NY
Phone: 845-676-3154

Born: 10/28/18 – 3 Males/5 Females (2 Males, 3 Females Available)
Sire: CH High Hopes A Walk On The Wild Side (Walker) CHIC# 114683
Dam: Kissable Kimba of Serengeti (Kimba) CHIC#133154
Kennel: Serengeti
Breeder: Karen Zedeker
Location; OH
Phone: 513-897-1213

Born: 11/4/18 – 4 Males/6 Females (all placed)
Sire: GCH CH Leodania’s Ma Reggie Di Calabria (Reggie) CHIC# 55747
Dam: CH Caprock’s Apple Springs CGC TDI (Shea) CHIC# 122965
Kennel: Blacksod Bay Leonbergers
Breeder: Kerri Doelling
Location: CO
Phone: 773-456-9130

Born: 11/4/18 – 2 Males/3 Females (1 Female available)
Sire: Starhaven’s Magnus Jolo Amazigh (Jake) CHIC# 104389
Dam: Starfire Irriestable Tayirue (Rue) CHIC#194923
Kennel: Creekside
Breeder: Mary Lynn Ferguson
Location: UT
Phone: 801-541-9595

Born: 11/5/18 – 4 Males/4 Females (1 Male/2 Females Available}
Sire: CH Iresistible Force von Alpensee (Rubus) CHIC#118975
Dam: Sweetlife’s Devine Diva (Diva0 CHIC# 109849
Kennel: Lowenhohle
Breeder: Julie Schaffert
Location: WA
Phone; 778-788-3348

Recent Matings in US

10/4/18 – pregnant
Sire: GCH Aldibara’s Mr. Big by Ly-Z (Mr. Big) CHIC# 118833
Dam: GCH West Mtn Artistic Image of BlueBonnet (Emee) CHIC# 96395
Kennel: West Mountain
Breeder: Teresa West
Location: AR
Phone; 479-409-8089
Website: &

Bred: 10/12/18
Sire: CH Morpheus vom Dreibugenland (Morpheus_ CHIC# 88954
Dam: Stony Creek’s Irish Princess (Izolde) CHIC# 125697
Kennel: Stony Creek
Breeder: Carol Ross
Location: MI
Phone:  586-752-6937

Bred: 10/28/18
Sire: Legend de la Conte de la Battrie (Viking) – foreign – France
Dam: Kamenah’s Freya Fedora (Freya) CHIC# 135011
Kennel: Kamenah
Breeder: Juanita Allen
Location: WA
Phone; 502-201-2076

Bred: 11/5/18
Sire: Legend de la Conte de la Battrie  (Viking) – foreign – France
Dam: GCH Fiesta von Alpensee (Fiesta) CHIC# 108022
Kennel: von Alpensee
Breeder: Alida Greendyk
Location: NJ
Phone: 908-362-6208

Bred: 11/8/18
Sire: Bartok Bea From Castle (Bartok) CHIC# 129248
Dam: Hannah Thariza Von Leuenfort (Bella) CHIC# 104541
Kennel: From the Lion’s Den
Breeder: Brenda Ford /Mary Ann Farenzena
Location: IL
Phone: 815-344-1928

Available Litters in Canada

Matings  in Canada

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