Actions Image Registered Name Status Call Name DOB Pedigree Primary Owner(s) State Email OFA Link
GCH CH Quantum Leap Von Alpensee Current Dr. Beckett 2016/01/14 more
Juanita Allen WA
Cherrywood's Quintessential Deceased Quinn 2007-07-22 more
Peggy Walker TX
GCH Redwood Trail Bourbon Joe Deceased Tug 2010-11-14 more
Michele & David Cohen MD
GCH Redwood Trail Egon Excalibur Current Egon 2013-08-11 more
Sherrie Olson FL
Corleone Joyful Burton Deceased Burton 2009-10-02 more
Pamela & Robert Isaacson MA
GCH Bella Wood's Born on the Bayou Deceased Cajun 2007-03-20 more
Pixie Baber CA
Nordlicht Arctic Leo Deceased Leo 2003-11-15 more
Christa Hudson MN
CH Bevard's Heart Of The Emerald Isle Deceased Seamus 2011-03-11 more
Mary Monahan NY
Colby of Serengeti Deceased Colby 2002-09-24 more
Carolyn & Don Fortier CT
Accolade of Sterlingden Deceased Laddie 2005-07-08 more
Beverly Waites & David Ludwick MI
Mountain Vista's Ancho Deceased Ancho 1999-05-22 more
Susan Grosslight SC
Leondania's Super Trouper Current Albert 2012-15-06 more
Beverly Kien MT
IntCH & AmGCH Starhavens Magnus Jolo Amazigh Current Jake 2013-02-25 more
Lisa Carriker VA
Irresistible Reverence of Serengeti Current Revv 2013-04-27 more
Karen Minardo NY
GCH Panthera's Corten Current Charlie 2011-06-05 more
Ginny Bartholomay MT
Khaimas' 4 Y Daydream Believer Deceased Aslan 2010-09-09 more
David & Kimberly Mallory OH
Quinnehtukqut's Celestial Big Bang Current Boomer 2018-06-29 more
Paula Verrier CT
CH Quest of Aslan From The Lions Den Deceased Ozzy 2008-04-29 more
Matt & Julie Messley IL
GCH Namupalan Onnen Arpa Current Taavi 2015-02-21 more
Julia Brady TX
CH Bluebonnet's Notorious Juuso Current Juuso (U so) 11/07/2016 more
Wendy Jones TX