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Registered Name Status Call Name DOB Pedigree AKC# Height Weight BACL Narrative Primary Owner(s) Co-Owner 1 Co Owner 2 City State Zip Country of Birth PPrimary Phone Other phone Date of Death Email Website Image 1 Image2 Image 3 CHIC # OFA Link ID type ID Number Semen Analysis Available Semen Analysis Doc Available for Natural Breeding Fresh Semen Available Frozen Semen Available BACL Doc
GCH CH Quantum Leap Von Alpensee Current Dr. Beckett 2016/01/14 WS52531803 31.5 152 No

Dr. Becket is all that I have hoped for and more in a male Leonberger.   I have waited a long time for a dog as magnificent and loving as this boy. At two years old he weighs 152 lbs and stands 31 ½” at the withers.  His size notwithstanding, he has excellent movement.  He is able to cover ground easily with a smooth, flowing gait.  His temperament is very playful and puppy like and he makes friends easily. Dr.  Beckett‘s head is impressive & well-proportioned.  He is also endowed with a full and very luxurious coat.  Beckett excelled in the show ring by quickly earning his AKC Championship at 15 months with 4 Majors.  With multiple Best of Breed wins, he earned his Grand Championship by 20 months.  In 2018 he was entered in the inaugural LCA's Top 20 Event for our National Specialty in St. Charles, Illinois for his accomplishments in 2017.  
We are looking forward to passing along his beautiful traits in his future breedings.

Juanita Allen Chewelah WA 99109 USA 503 201-2076 living 126884 MicroChip 956000004701475 Yes docs/DrBeckett_Analysis .pdf Yes Yes Yes
Cherrywood's Quintessential Deceased Quinn 2007-07-22 WS22834006 30.50 165 No

Quinn is one of those special dogs that personifies the best traits of the Leonberger. He has lovely movement - the judges have commented on this repeatedly - and a stunning chest structure. His coat is a deep rich mahogany and smooth as silk. And his temperament is superb. He's appropriate with other dogs and is an excellent therapy dog. He's done therapy work all his life and he loves it. He has a special instinct for it which makes him welcome wherever he goes in the hospital.

Peggy Walker Dallas TX 75214 United States 214-828-1858 214-210-1500 NULL 67844 Unkn No No No No
GCH Redwood Trail Bourbon Joe Deceased Tug 2010-11-14 WS36009303 31.5 155 No

Tug is an absolute joy. He is a boy that will play with anyone, anytime, anywhere. A great example of the Leonberger, exhibiting size, strength and amazing temperament. Judges have given him "Excellent" ratings many times, and have all commented on his ever wagging tail

Michele & David Cohen Suzanne Kovalsky Easton MD 12723 United States 845-798-9038 2021 87828 MicroChip Yes docs/Tug-Cohen_analysis.pdf No No Yes
GCH Redwood Trail Egon Excalibur Current Egon 2013-08-11 WS44887303 Yes Sherrie Olson The Villages FL 32163 USA 224-578-1898 living 119123 Unkn Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corleone Joyful Burton Deceased Burton 2009-10-02 WS32541106 31.50 148

Burton is a certified therapy dog, an AKC Grand Champion, as well as a UKC Champion and UKC Reserve Best In Show winning dog. Burton loves people, other dogs, cats, and small children, and is extremely unflappable in every situation, from loud events, to hospitals and school groups, to tight quarters and high stress/high emotion locations and remains loving and gentle under every circumstance. A natural therapy dog, he is also certified through Pets & People Foundation and worked over 28 hours providing comfort in the two weeks after the Boston Marathon bombing. Burton has had several good sized litters (8-12), and his gentle and loving personality (as well as his size and head!)have been passed on to his progeny.

Pamela & Robert Isaacson Roxbury MA 02119 Canada 646-239-2650 2020 78420 MicroChip 4932603835 No upload_images/1407270649Burton semen analysis 2014.pdf No No Yes
GCH Bella Wood's Born on the Bayou Deceased Cajun 2007-03-20 WS23811802 28.75 135

Cajun is a sweet lovable boy with a great temperament. He loves people, loves to swim, hike and play in the snow. He has fantastic angulation and movement.

Pixie Baber Hannah Baber Truckee CA 96161 United States 530-701-7021 living 57689 MicroChip 485D2F227F Yes No Yes Yes
Nordlicht Arctic Leo Deceased Leo 2003-11-15 WS06954903 32 155 Yes

Leo was a confident alpha male with the most gentle soul. He was affectionate and intelligent, an athletic hiker and swimmer, and a true companion.

Christa Hudson North Branch MN 55056 United States 651-674-4552 2014-01-11 44168 MicroChip 4517OA4D2C Yes docs/Leo_Hudson_analysis.pdf No No Yes docs/Leo-Hudson-BACL.pdf
CH Bevard's Heart Of The Emerald Isle Deceased Seamus 2011-03-11 WS37227904 30 160 No Mary Monahan Williamsvile NY 14221 United States 716-310-0948 716-310-0948 2020 89903 MicroChip Yes No No Yes
Colby of Serengeti Deceased Colby 2002-09-24 WS26482806 31 145 Yes Carolyn & Don Fortier Granby CT 06035 United States 860-413-9835 860-202-2296 2009-11-14 45280 Unkn CJC 2755 Yes No No Yes
Accolade of Sterlingden Deceased Laddie 2005-07-08 RN042530 No Beverly Waites & David Ludwick Peck MI 48466 Canada deceased 51980 Unkn No No No Yes
Mountain Vista's Ancho Deceased Ancho 1999-05-22 WS25112601 29.50 145 No

What can I say about the love of my Leonberger life? Ancho was a fabulous Leo in so many ways. He won BOB the LCA National Specialty in 2002 with me, a rank amateur, as his handler and completed his LCA Championship. He had a great temperament and was used for post dog attack therapy at Children's hospital, using his innate sense of what was needed to make things better. He earned the LCA Therapy Dog Award. Ancho's offspring, with various bitches, did well in the show ring and in therapy. His son, Habanero von Jagan, was BOS at the LCA National Show. Ancho had great substance and was incredibly athletic, loved tracking, carting, people and dogs. He was healthy and happy. A limited amount of frozen semen is available to a special bitch.

Susan Grosslight Blythewood SC 29016 United States 2009-04-xx 44067 Unkn No No No Yes upload_images/1425824593AnchoBACL.pdf
Leondania's Super Trouper Current Albert 2012-15-06 WS41924801 No Beverly Kien Missoula MT 59804 Denmark 406-543-7412 living 99264 Unkn Yes Yes
IntCH & AmGCH Starhavens Magnus Jolo Amazigh Current Jake 2013-02-25 WS43465305 30.50 142 No

Jake's name, Amazigh (ahm-ah-ZHAKE’), means noble defender and it typifies his personality: powerful, loving, playful, inquisitive and confident.  Since completing his Grand Championship at the end of 2016, Jake rarely finishes out of the ribbons, receiving a 1st Award of Merit at the 2017 AKC Westminster Show in NYC, multiple BOBs and Select Wins at shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic, and a Group 3 win in a strong Working Group in Richmond in June 2017!  He received an “excellent” rating from Judge Thomas Walker at the 2017 LCA National Specialty, placing in the ribbons in a very strong male champion class, with comments including well-sized male with excellent proportions, excellent front and rear angulations, sound mover and excellent character.  He has also achieved his CGC title, proving he is more than just a pretty face!  

Lisa Carriker Gum Spring VA 23065 United States 704-540-7519 living 104389 MicroChip 985112000725544 Yes Yes No Yes
Irresistible Reverence of Serengeti Current Revv 2013-04-27 WS44071801 30.50 145 No

Revv is a delightful, happy dog with an ideal sweet, steady temperament. In our pack he is the peacekeeper. He loves going anywhere and although we have no young children in our lives, he gravitates towards kids and will give them a sweet kiss if given the opportunity. Revv offers many good qualities including good angles, a beautiful black mask, elegant neck, lush mahogany coat, good bone and he is well muscled for his young age. He has lovely movement and the correct tail carriage. At the 2015 National in Frankenmuth, MI he was given an Excellent rating by Judge Guido Perosino and placed 3rd in the Champion Dog class. That same weekend he received an Award of Merit at the AKC National.

Karen Minardo Conesus NY 14435 United States 585-944-1933 living 105922 MicroChip No Yes Yes Yes
GCH Panthera's Corten Current Charlie 2011-06-05 WS38048706 29.50 135

Charlie is the easiest going guy you could ever imagine. He is handsome, fun and loves to go out and meet people. He is a terrific ambassador for the breed anywhere he goes. Charlie has been lightly shown and has done well every time out.

Ginny Bartholomay Bigfork MT 59911 United States 847-612-0045 living 93911 MicroChip 985121008127464 Yes Yes No Yes
Khaimas' 4 Y Daydream Believer Deceased Aslan 2010-09-09 WS36416101 Yes David & Kimberly Mallory Kitts Hill OH 45645 Denmark 740-534-8239 740-534-8239 deceased 89735 Unkn Yes No No Yes
Quinnehtukqut's Celestial Big Bang Current Boomer 2018-06-29 WS61420706 Yes Paula Verrier Chester CT 06412 USA 860-428-5729 living 152333 Unkn No Yes Yes No
CH Quest of Aslan From The Lions Den Deceased Ozzy 2008-04-29 WS26519805 No Matt & Julie Messley Sheridan IL 60551 United States deceased 68543 MicroChip 1441241 No No No Yes
GCH Namupalan Onnen Arpa Current Taavi 2015-02-21 WS51971001 No Julia Brady McKinney TX 75071-7872 Finland 972-838-8921 Living 121954 Unkn Yes Yes Yes Yes
CH Bluebonnet's Notorious Juuso Current Juuso (U so) 11/07/2016 WS55751201 31" 150 No

Juuso is our Finnish Bear that loves everyone and everything he encounters.  Happy all the time and an incredible ambassador to the breed.  

Juuso earned his championship in very limited shows.  We are so excited about what he brings to the breeding table...and his proven record of producing beautiful babies.

Wendy Jones Tarja Ackrell Austin TX 78669 USA 832-515-1148 NULL 137897 MicroChip No No Yes No