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Registered Name Status Call Name DOB Pedigree AKC# Height Weight BACL Narrative Primary Owner(s) Co-Owner 1 Co Owner 2 City State Zip Country of Birth PPrimary Phone Other phone Date of Death Email Website Image 1 Image2 Image 3 CHIC # OFA Link ID type ID Number Semen Analysis Available Semen Analysis Doc Available for Natural Breeding Fresh Semen Available Frozen Semen Available BACL Doc
Merlin-Wizzard V. Rotelbach Deceased Merlin 2001-03-21 WS05785601 31 190 Yes

Merlin was a big love and my heart dog. A true gentleman in every way. He was a massive dog at 190 lbs with a beautiful black head and dark soulful eyes. His love was therapy work, especially Read to Rover. Merlin is LNP1 N/N and LPN2 N/N

Brenda Ford Grayslake IL 60030 Denmark 847-223-0324 847-762-7433 2010-01-13 45030 Tatoo 598295 No No No Yes
GCH CH VLX BoBev's Runnin Down A Dream NDD CD RE CGCA Deceased Rutger 2009-04-12 WS32461811 30.50 144 Yes

Rutger is a moderate, balanced male with very nice substance. There is not one part of Rutger that stands out over the other; with the exception of his Wow! mane. Rutger has received quite a few excellent ratings from European judges over the years. In March of 2014 Rutger went BOB at a supported entry of 22 Leonbergers, over the #1 Leo in the country and some other top ranked Leos. Rutger is also a group placing Leonberger. Rutger ended 2014 as the #3 ranked Owner-handled Leonberger.

Confident, steady and outgoing, Rutger excels at any activity we try together. He has earned both front and backend titles. In 2014, Rutger was the first Leonberger to advance to BOB at the LCA National Specialty Club Show out of the Versatile Dog class. He has been, and continues to be, owner-handled for every title, including his AKC Championship and Grand Championship. We made our first attempt at his draft dog title at the National Specialty in April 2014, and we missed qualifying by just one error. At our second attempt at the LCA draft test in March 2015 (the first ever LCA Regional draft test) we were successful in passing the test, and Rutger has earned his Novice Draft Dog title. In 2014 Rutger finished his CD title - three legs earned in three tests over the course of one month. Each of the three judges commented on Rutger very positively, "what a fun dog!"..."keep going with this great Leo!"..."his tail never stopped wagging"..."I've never had a Leonberger in my obedience ring, and I am impressed!". Rutger placed 2nd when he received his first leg and 1st when he received his third leg. In Spring of 2015 we finished Rutger's Rally Excellent title, and he has just been awarded the LCA's prestigious Versatile Leonberger Excellent "VLX" title. I am so proud of this great Leo! Working with Rutger in obedience and rally has been very rewarding and amusing. Rutger loves nothing more than to have an audience, and when he knows people are watching he loves to perform! One of the obedience judges we earned a CD leg under kept her clipboard in front of her face so Rutger wouldn't see her amusement.

Rutger has personality plus! Rutger is a laid back boy around the house. He and his male Leo housemate and two cat housemates get along exceptionally well. When it's time to get to work Rutger has the ability to focus and step up to any task. Therapy dog? Why yes he is! Rutger was born to do therapy work! I'm proud to report that several of Rutger's offspring are also active therapy dogs.

Rutger has produced some very nice offspring that are just starting to mature. We will be keeping a close eye on them. One thing is for sure, all of his offspring have inherited his happy demeanor and wagging tail. The breeders of his first two litters have been very pleased with the puppies he has produced. I am happy to share their comments if you are interested in using Rutger in your breeding program.

Kirsten Becker Wyomissing PA 19610 United States 484-280-0612 2019 78419 MicroChip Yes No No Yes
Namupalan Christmas Gift Deceased Simon 2008-12-24 WS36011301 30.75 175 No

Simon is a large, big boned substantial boy, with a pleasant and friendly personality. His coat is a deep mahogany red, with black tipping.

Karen Zedeker Waynesville OH 45066 Finland 513-897-1213 2014-26-01 respiratory failure caused by allergic reaction to medication 73272 Unkn Yes No No Yes
Multi-BISS BIMBS AKC-GCH UGRCH LCA-CH Starhavens Black Pearl Cap'n CGC Deceased Cap'n Jack 2006-11-29 WS20176501 34 150 No

Cap'n Jack is a large, confident, handsome dog who adores people, and has a wonderful outgoing temperament. He had an extremely successful show career, including Winners Dog at the 2008 National Specialty and two regional specialty Best In Show wins, as well as UKC Best In Multi-Breed Show. His correct structure and conformation, combined with his easy breeding history, make him an excellent stud dog. Many of his children and grandchildren have been extremely successful in the show ring, including national specialty Winners, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, and specialty BIS. Also as therapy dogs and companion event dogs.

Shannon White Berlin MD 21811 United States 804-516-1785 56213 MicroChip Yes No No Yes
Sentez Jagr Deceased Jagr 2007-07-07 WS24916201 29.50 150 No

Jagr is a beautiful and gentle Leonberger. His beautiful black head and soft sweet eyes make him a perfect therapy dog. While he does very well in the show ring, he would much rather just hang out with his family. He loves our grandchildren and has so much fun when they visit .He is so well behaved around other animals and people. Jagr is lpn1 AND lpn2 n/n

Brenda Ford Grayslake IL 60030 United States 847-223-0324 847-762-7433 65149 MicroChip 490 733 OA6F No No No Yes
CH Aqualeo's Risto Ryti Current Jasper 2011-04-25 WS38685602 32 140 No Cindy Stratton Fairfield CA 94534 United States 650-740-0515 living 91178 Unkn No No No No
GCH Tsavo's Just A Mountain Boy Current Knox 2016-09-13 WS55021406 No Harry & Nancy Austin Dyke VA 22935 USA 434-985-4631 Living 134609 Unkn Yes Yes Yes No
CH Incredible Bismarck of Serengeti Deceased Bismarck 2013-04-27 WS44071802 32 160 Yes Hallie Stanley Roanoke VA 24015 USA 540-345-0759 2021-04 120601 Unkn Yes No No Yes docs/Bismarck_StanleyBACL.pdf
CH Cu Leone's Come Dancing Current Sergio 2015-01-19 WS49383206 No Genette Fuller San Diego CA 92129 United States 858-442-1824 living 119650 Unkn No Yes Yes Yes
VL GCH CH Vesuvio vonAlpensee TKN THD CGCA CGCU LTA ATT Current Dante 2017-04-16 WS57031204 31 150 No Arlene Coles Howell NJ 07731 USA 732-948-4041 living 141502 Unkn Yes docs/Dante_Semen.pdf Yes Yes Yes
CH VLA PANTHERA'S GREAT GATSBY BN CD CGCA CGCU TKN RN RI FDC Current Gatsby 2015-05-13 WS50300401 No Shelly Mabbs Virginia Bartholomay Aiken SC 29803 USA 847-612-3686 living 126543 Unkn Yes Yes Yes Yes
BellaWood's And the Beat Goes On Deceased Big Ben 2005-04-15 WS17734509 30 145 Linda Sebastiani Orangevale CA 95662 United States 916 721 6827 2015-02-23 44198 Yes-Microchip 492E291D5D No No No Yes
GCH Windswept Paxton CGC SWN Current Ferdinand 2015-07-24 WS51235702 No Karen Albers Goshen KY 40026-7721 USA 502-417-0305 living 140271 Unkn Yes docs/Albers Freeze report.pdf Yes Yes Yes
KnightHawk Legend Current Kain 2015-08-21 WS51147303 Yes Emilie Becker Arlington WA 98223 USA 425-903-6741 living 132644 Unkn Yes Yes No No
Dueling Desperadoes Gustov V. SanftenLoewen CGC TKN Current Gus 24-11-2017 WS60395703 145 No Christina Merten Warrenton OR 97146 USA 360-888-6875 living 155531 Unkn Yes Yes Yes Yes
BISS GCHG Bludrift's Escapades With Ethan CGC Current Ethan 2016-12-27 WS56382301 31 150 No Mary Monahan Luanne Moede Williamsville NY 14221 USA 716-310-0948 living 136864 Unkn Yes docs/ethan_semen.jpeg Yes Yes Yes
GCH CH VLX BellaWood's Canusa Here We Go Again, BN, CD, RE, CGCA, NAP, FDC Current Henry 2014-10-26 WS 48752201 30 140 No John & Jackie Telling Citrus Heights CA 95610-0506 USA 916-560-4294 916-709-2039 living 122698 Unkn Yes docs/Henry-Telling_analysis.jpg Yes Yes Yes
Leodania's Ma Reggio Di Calabria Deceased Reggie 2007-02-07 WS26273801 31 154 No Mary Ruggiero-Smith Clarkston WA 99403 United States 208-553-9234 2085539234 NULL 55747 Unkn No No No Yes
Heronview's Allkett Schwimmpanzer Deceased Panzer 2001-12-29 WS07082402 29.50 140 Yes

Panzer was a beautiful Leonberger with a strong masculine head and good bone. He had a Category 1 Very Good rating on his BACL and was either normal or good on all of his OFA tests. He had a stellar temperament and exemplified the best Leonberger nature. He was a Delta Pet Partner therapy dog for seven years and earned his Leonberger Therapy Award. Though Panzer was neutered at the age of seven, he had earned LCA points. He took Winners dog at the Southeast Leonberger Club specialty in the fall of 2005. Panzer has a limited availability through frozen semen.

Hallie Stanley Roanoke VA 24015 United States 540-345-0759 2012-07-11 44169 MicroChip 053 102 068 No No No Yes
VLX CH Obi-Wan von Alpensee CD BN SN-C RE TKA CGCA CGCU LTA THD Current Obi 2015-05-11 WS51980110 No Ira Van Order Myerstown PA 17067 USA 717-813-6868 living 126425 Unkn No Yes Yes Yes