Leo Rescue Pals Regional Reps needed

If you are looking for an avenue to get involved with Leonbergers and wish to volunteer your time for a fulfilling position, you can apply for the Leonberger Rescue Pals Mid-Atlantic Area Representative or the Northeast Area

Please see the attached volunteer position descriptions and the attached map for more details. Of note, you do not need to live in the region to be a representative, so please apply if this is something you would like to volunteer for.

Susan Catling, LRP Volunteer, will be working with you to provide a smooth transition into your new role.

Interested applicants for either position, please put your pen here to complete a brief survey.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE June 15, 2020. The new LRP Area Representatives will be announced by July 31, 2020.

Any questions, please email me at info@yvainleos.com or email Susan at tdscat@aol.com.