The Leo Award is given for exceptional work on a particular project, or for body of work on behalf of the breed or the club that takes place over the course of a year. It can be awarded for a particularly well-done individual project, or for more generally applied excellence.

Carmen Spirio: for revamping the LCA treasury and accounting records.

Sandy Love: for championing the cause of the Working Leo, promoting the health of the breed, producing the Annual Leo Calendar.

Carin Shadwick: for chairing the BC, coordinating BACLs, and assisting the Registrar all the way from Egypt.

Geeske Joel: for compilation of the health survey data.

John McRae: for establishing the LCA Therapy Award.

Barbara Boyet: for designing and maintaining the new LCA Web Site.
Julia Brady: for designing and maintaining the new LCA Web Site.
Linda Gagnon: for exercising infinite patience in creating and moderating the new LCA Member’s List.
Beth O’Connor: for standing firm at the helm and holding steady through this storm.

Dianna Parish
Kristin Bloink

Ann Rogers
Judy Johnston

Don James
Linda Gagnon
Vonnie Matheny

Jim Henshaw:

Jim Carretta: for years of tireless dedication to planning, managing, and working all aspects of the show side of the National Specialty.

Astrid Robitaille: for excellence as the voice of the LCA and the breed in the AKC Gazette.

The Leo Award is presented to Agi Hejja, For sustained excellence in her involvement with the judges’ education program in an attempt to ensure that the Leonberger is judged by the appropriate standard in the AKC arena.

The Leo Award is presented to Susan Herman, For sustained excellence and dedication in showing the full potential of the Leonberger dog for Therapy through her involvement in the HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response organization.

The Leo Award is presented to Maria Nelson, With appreciation for excellence, devotion, and sustained dedication over the course of more than a decade, providing graphic art for the Leonberger Club of America