Last year the cost to the LCA for the annual Board election was $2,354.38. 712 envelopes were mailed.  That works out to $3.30 per ballot envelope.  If you include the 30 hours spend by the committee getting everything setup and mailed (at $30/hr.), the total cost of the election comes in  right at $3300.00, not including your postage required to return that ballot.

The LCA’s three-person Election Committee spent about 6 hours on a Saturday folding papers and stuffing envelopes, then organizing the envelopes in mail bins to be carried to the Post Office.   Susan Cipolla, our Election Committee Chair, spent time every night for at least a week leading up to that affixing mailing labels, return address labels and stamping each ballot envelope. Each one needed 3 stamps, the LCA Secretary Glen Ferguson’s address stamped on it (now David Mallory), “LCA ELECTION MATERIALS” and then Susan’s return address.  Susan estimates that approximately 30 human hours were spent getting the envelopes out in the mail

What if I told you we could run this entire election using electronic balloting for less than $700 and all you need to do is spend about a minute accessing URL listed below to opt-in to use electronic balloting for the 2017 Board election.  Folks, it’s $2600.00 the club doesn’t need to spend.

The LCA has over 1100 members.  To date, fewer than 300 have opted-in.  After what I’ve explained above, I don’t understand that.  Even if you have no intention of voting, opting in will save the club money because no paper ballot will need to be sent.  Also, please remember that a family membership requires both members opt-in separately.  We currently have 72 families in which only one of the two members eligible to vote has opted in.

 Please use the following link to opt-in:

thank You in Advance,

Don James
LCA National Board of Directors

Susan Cipolla
LCA Election Committee Chair


Re: New LCA Election Procedures
Since the LCA was formed in 1985, annual elections have been staged by sending snail-mail ballots to all single and family member households. Marked ballots were mailed to the LCA Secretary and were carried to the National Specialty where they were manually counted by a three person panel prior to the General meeting. While membership in the LCA has remained relatively constant over the years, the number of ballots returned has declined steadily over the past five years to the point where only one in every five LCA members are now participating in club elections. The LCA is concerned about this decline in participation and has now taken steps to aid in reversing that trend.
Starting with the 2017 Board election, the LCA will offer the option of voting using Electronic Balloting. Electronic Balloting was approved for Parent clubs by the American Kennel Club’s Board of Directors in 2015. The LCA then amended its By Laws to include E-Balloting as an acceptable option for completing voting during its annual election cycle.
LCA members will have the option of using the Electronic voting system using a website provided by the vendor we’ve selected to provide this service, Simply Voting Inc., based in Montreal, Quebec Canada ( or continuing to use the traditional paper ballot as the selected method for casting your ballot.
Here’s how it will work:
Prior to the start of the election cycle, each LCA individual or family member will receive, via a MemberClicks email blast, an announcement of the E-Balloting initiative which includes the opportunity for a member to opt-in and begin using this feature. The default method of ballot delivery will continue to be paper ballots delivered through the US Mail, so the opt-in hot link at the bottom of the Member Clicks email message must be selected (this will take you directly to MemberClicks to opt-in) or you can use email to opt-in by sending your opt-in to the email address listed on the form.
Again, members who wish to continue using paper ballots need do nothing.
Those who have chosen to opt-in will then receive an email message which includes:
1) The URL you will need to access LCA Election website at Simply Voting.
2) Your login (called an Elector ID)
3) Your password
PLEASE NOTE: If you have a family membership, two family members can vote in an election. If the LCA has only one email address on file for a family, we still have individual family names, so that one email address will be used to send two Elector IDs and passwords to that family. However, for future elections and surveys, it would be much better if each member to had their own email. Contact the to assist with this.
When you login, you will be taken to an area of the Simply Voting website which provides voting instructions and a ballot for the current LCA election. Casting your vote completes the process. Finally, you will be notified by an email from Simply Voting that your vote has been received and tallied for this election.
The election will be monitored by Susan Cipolla, LCA Elections Chair. While she will not have the ability to track election results until the completion of the cycle, she will be able to keep track of those who have not yet voted in order to send out reminders to those members during the election cycle. Your vote is secret. At no time will Susan, or anyone else, be able to see how any individual member has voted. All communication between you and the Simply Voting website is encrypted using TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) and strong cipher suites to protect any possible hacking attacks during the conversation during the balloting process.

Once the election is closed, the results are immediately available to LCA election officials. Those ballots will then be added to the paper ballot votes to determine the election outcome.
With E-Balloting, no snail mail is required. Everything is done via the Internet. You will not have to pay postage to return your ballot and your ballot will not be discarded if it is returned after the cutoff date. It’s a very quick and simple procedure, so we hope all members choose to opt-in, but, as stated above, should you choose not to use the electronic voting system, you will receive a paper ballots via snail-mail as we have done since the LCA began staging elections.

Our hope is that the ease of use of this new system will encourage LCA members to involve themselves in the club election process. It’s your club and your vote is your say in determining how this club will be run going forward. E-Balloting is an option designed to simplify that process.

If you have questions about Electronic balloting, please contact one of the following members:

Don James
E-Balloting Coordinator
LCA National Board of Directors

Susan Cipolla
LCA Election Committee Chair