Standing Committees:

  • Governance Committee

    Purpose:The purpose of the Governance Committee (GC) is to protect, preserve, and interpret the rules and regulations of the LCA and keep the Board apprised of matters relevant to non-profit corporations.
    Jim Walker, Chair
    Jim Henshaw
    Linda Gagnon
    Judy Johnston
    Ray Robitaille
    Glen Ferguson
    Associate member, Bill Koproski

  • Show Event Committee

    Purpose: The purpose of the Show Event Committee (SEC) is to assist the Board and membership in matters related to shows, competitions, events, and the earning of points and titles.
    Amy Garabedian, Chair
    Jim Carrettta
    Don James
    Ginny Bartholomay (Advisor)
    Glen Ferguson (Advisor)

  • Health Committee

    Purpose: The purpose of the Health & Education Committee (HEC) is to further the well-being of the breed by providing information and support to LCA members in matters relating to health.
    Lisa Douglas
    Andrew Bodenstein
    Dr. Carl Bodenstein
    Dr. David Mallory
    Peggy Walker, Chair

  • Leoletter Committee

    Caryl Thompson, Chair / Editor
    Leoletter Website

  • Election Committee

    Purpose:The Election Committee (EC) operates within the provisions of the Bylaws, ARTICLE IV: The CLUB YEAR, NOMINATIONS, VOTING, and ELECTIONS.
    Susan Cipolla, Chair
    Theresa Koprowski
    Steve Cipolla

  • Membership Committee

    Chair, Elizabeth Burnham PO Box 122, Snug Harbor, Duxbury, MA. 02331
    Technology Advisor, Sharon Betts
    Amy Garabedian, Member at Large

  • New Member Mentorship Chair, Pixie Baber

Special Committees:

    • Members Practices Assurance Committee

      Purpose: The primary purpose of the Member Practices Assurance Committee (MPAC) is to ensure the respectful, orderly, and uniform handling of alleged violations of the Required Member Practices and, where possible, obtain remediation without the need for disciplinary proceedings under the LCA Bylaws, Article VI.

      Jim Henshaw
      Linda Sebastiani
      David Schlosser, Chair

    • AKC Judges Education

      Alida Greendyk
      Agi Hejja, Chair
      Contact Agi
      Contact Alida

    • Leo Inquirer (LINQ)

      Wendy Jones

    • Awards Committee

      Yves Parent
      Linda Mullins-Spiro
      Carin Shadwich
      Glen Ferguson
      Mary Decher, Chair

    • Leonberger Working Dog and Dog Award Committee

      Chair Sharon Betts

    • Leonberger University

      D’Nae Wilson
      Lara Bohinc
      Pamela Isaacson, Topic Development
      Sharon Betts, Website
      Connie Kent, Chair