Don James
LCA AKC Delegate

Monday, June 12th
Committee Meetings

A sad note. AKC Board member, Delegate, Judge and Leonberger owner Steve Gladstone passed away Sunday night, June 11th while on a judging assignment in Australia with his wife Jan. He was a great friend of the LCA and judged our 2006 Specialty in Coeur d’Alene. He was larger than life in both stature and personality. He will be greatly missed.

Parent Club Committee – Pat Laurens Chair

AKC Archivist, Brynn White, was in attendance to make a presentation on archive based services AKC offers to its Parent Clubs. I had previously met with Brynn last September in her office at AKC Headquarters in Manhattan as part of my duties as the LCA Board member heading up the LCA Archive Project. Creating a safe and viable method for clubs to protect their historic documents is an issue every club is eventually going to have to address, so I’m happy to report that our club is one of the ones leading the way on this project.

She announced that new software has been purchased that allows members to search archive collections if they are allowed by the club to do so. All AKC Gazettes and stud books have now been digitized and is being indexed right now for public consumption. They will be accessible and downloadable through a portal to be introduced shortly.

On a slightly personal note, following the Delegate general meeting in Newark, I drove to Baltimore to meet with a representative of a company we are considering to handle the digital conversion portion of our archive project. Stay tuned for further information as this project takes wing.

Legislative Update – Sheila Goffe
Parent Club Legislative Liaison List is now a Facebook group
A website called now provides tools for parent clubs to deal with legislative issues in a particular state.

A significant piece of anti-breeder legislation in New Jersey has been vetoed by Governor Chris Christie. A bill designed to keep people from getting purebred dogs from breeders in New Jersey.
It’s important that LCA members keep an eye on what’s going on locally in your own communities. If we need involvement from AKC, Sheila can help.

Pet Disaster Relief started in 2013. 60 trailers in 2/3 of all states now in service. 364 AKC clubs have involved themselves financially. 5 more trailers are currently in the pipeline.

The Parent Club is mounting project to revitalize the Parent Club Conference, the last one of which was held in 2010. Look for an update at the next Delegate’s meeting in September.

I have been appointed to a Parent Club subcommittee whose goal it is to streamline and cut down on the amount of time required for a club to move through the steps necessary to become an AKC member club. I will be working with the Neapolitan Mastiffs, the Boerbels, the Cane Corsos and the Miniature American Shepherds (go figure) as their primary contact with the AKC. More to follow.

AKC Marketplace –
October 2017 AKC will relaunch of new version of The Marketplace.
Parent clubs have been given the ability to remove incorrect information posted by Marketplace participants when the posted information is incorrect. This is important because this will be the only vetting going on with Marketplace and there is plenty of misinformation and outright lies being published on that site at this time.

149 breeds have now submitted health statements that are due to be posted on AKC Marketplace. Marketplace breed tab lists primary rescue organizations. There should be links to the rescue organization web sites. With the merger of Leo Rescue and LEOPals, we will be reflecting those changes on the Marketplace Rescue tab as soon as they are available.

The revamped version of the entire AKC website is due to be launched in October.

A discussion of allowing veteran champion dogs/bitches at independent specialties to be part of the BOB competition without having to go through a veteran class to get into BOB. This was approved by the Parent Club committee but will have to go through Dog Show rules and voted on by the Delegate body before this rule would actually go into effect. This would be an optional rule at the discretion of the individual sponsoring club.

Puppy of Achievement – Under the rules of the new Puppy Achievement program, a puppy will need 10 points total competing in the already defined group of puppy classes (i.e. 6-9, 9-12 etc.) and 4-6-month baby puppy. The puppy competition would be a separate competition based on how the regular show proceeds.
Here is the new point schedule:

Competing: 1-2 – 1 point
3-5 – 2 points
5+ – 3 points

Keep in mind, this is a test program the success of which will be evaluated at the end of this year.

All Breed Committee – Ann Wallin – Chair

Dog Show Rules – Cindy Miller
2 new show dog classes will be discussed at the September meeting:
Bred By Puppy Class split 50/50 for more appropriate wording
Pembroke WC request to add S/N champion veterans to go straight to BOB and not have to qualify in the Veteran’s class.

Companion Events – Larry Wilson – Chair
Overall entries up 2%
Total number of events up 3%
First scent work event will be held this September in Florida
Discussion on appropriate dress for companion events
A survey has been developed for companion events clubs to ask about declining entry numbers at these events as soon as it is available on Survey Monkey

Herding Earthdog Lure Coursing – Bob LaBerge – Chair

A Herding Best Practices document is going to be developed
There will also be a Best Practices document available for the extremely popular Lure Coursing knockoff called FAST Cat. Leos can be pretty good at this. Rather than circle a field of 600 yards in length, FAST Cat is a straight line course the length of which is determined by the size of the dog. Q times are also based on breed and size.
Herding entries are up 2%
FAST Cat entries are up 45%!!
This year’s Lure coursing national event will be staged this December in Tennessee.
64 Farm Dog Certification events have been approved for 2017.
AKC now has a Farm Dog promotional video to advertise the event.
The new AKC sport of scent work has not yet been assigned to a Delegate committee. That has been done on purpose so that any committee can provide input to the AKC Board as the event gets off the ground.

Canine Health Committee – Susan Hamill – Chair

I regret that I was unable to attend the Health committee meeting because I knew there would be a prolonged discussion of the H3N2 virus that has severely affected dog shows in the Southeast and East. Unfortunately, the June meeting is the only one of four in which the Parent Club committee and the Health committee meet at the same time. As a member of Parent Club committee, my primary responsibility is to attend that meeting.

There was, as I suspected, a lengthy discussion on H3N2. There is a vaccination for this virus if you can find it. It must be given twice with a two-week interval in between. It will be another six weeks before the virus sheds. If you must enter a show, it is much better if it is an outdoor event than an indoor one. A Judge should ALWAYS ask you to show them your dog’s mouth. They have been instructed not to touch the in that area until we have a handle on that virus. For those of you involved in staging a show that might wind up being cancelled due to the virus, do not let a Judge convince you that they need a full refund of their airline ticket. Remember, any ticket purchased can be re-routed for a fee of $200, so $200 is the most you should ever offer your Judge if you must cancel your show.

The Parent Club Health Conference in St. Louis is set for August 13th&14. For those of you on the West Coast who have had a presentation of the Dog Aging Project, we are trying very hard to have that presentation included on the agenda for the Health Conference. Amy Garabedian will be representing the LCA at this conference.

The International partnership for dogs met in Paris to discuss new issues specifically involving low number breeds. The Otterhound Club’s numbers have been declining precipitously over the last several years, so that club has initiated a project to collect semen from dogs and eventually eggs from bitches to help with these low numbers and avoid having one of our great breeds disappear.

Hunt Test & Field Trial Committee – Jim Corbett – Chair

At this point entries at hunt tests and field trials have not been affected by the flu virus.

By Laws Committee – Gretchen Bernardi – Chair

AKC legal department’s Heather McManus discussed changes in the AKC By Laws that will be upcoming.
Rally rules are being changed without any input from rally participants. Rally participants are incensed and have complained to the AKC event staff.
Gina clarified the position of AKC as to Board member stipends. By Laws will not be getting involved in any of these issues.
Term limits for Board members. By Laws is not going to take this on again for either Committee Chairs or Committee members. It gets voted down every time it comes up.

Are minutes of Delegate committee meetings private? The feeling is they are private and should not be reproduced for public consumption. Delegate input will be sought, but it was made clear that sharing these minutes with other club members is completely within the rules.

Delegate Advocacy & Advancement Committee – Dan Smyth – Chair

Stanley Saltzman talked about improving the DAC video that has been released (and is available on YouTube) which stresses the importance of continuity with a club’s Delegate. Assuming your Delegate is an effective advocate, it does little good for a club to replace that person frequently (once a year or even very 2 years). A Delegate’s effectiveness increases exponentially with each year in that position.

A new survey will be sent out to Delegates who have quit the program trying to discover reasons why they made this decision.

Tuesday, June 13th
Delegate’s General Meeting

The June Delegate forum was an instructive presentation on how to properly run an event misconduct hearing at an
All-Breed or Specialty show. A panel was led by AKC staff’s Heather McManus and included Delegate/Lawyers Rita Biddle, David Hopkins and Dan Smyth. AKC’s Field Director for Conformation, Patty Proctor, was also on the panel. If any of you who are chairing either an all-breed or specialty event under the auspices of the AKC, it might be an advantage to have a look at a handbook published by AKC called “Dealing with Misconduct”. It runs through every procedure you must take based on the type of infraction and explains the time frames in which it is necessary to complete a bench hearing. We were also given an Event Hearing checklist which I’d be happy to share with any of you who fall within the show chair designation. Make sure you know who your AKC Field Rep is for your show. If you have need to stage a misconduct hearing, they are trained in its complexities and will be an invaluable resource.

A vote was taken on the following:

Vote on the proposed amendment to Chapter 16, Section 6, of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows, which would include the eligible Best of Breed and Best of Variety non-regular class entrants in the calculation of Grand Championship points. Currently, dogs that win Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, and Select from a non-regular class (such as veterans) can earn Grand Championship points but are not included in the count for Grand Championship. PASSED

The following measures were read to the Delegate body in anticipation of a vote at the September meeting:

Read on the proposed amendment to Chapter 16, Section 6, of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows – Championships. This change would include the dog awarded Select Dog/Bitch in the calculation of Grand Championship points for that award.

Read on the proposed amendment to Chapter 11, Section 8-A, of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows – Dog Show Entries, Conditions of Dogs Affecting Eligibility. This amendment would require permanent identification prior to an incident for a dog that is disqualified if it is ever to be considered for reinstatement. Furthermore, reinstatement would be conducted by AKC staff. Judges would not participate in the process. The amendment was brought forward by the Delegate Dog Show Rules Committee and unanimously disapproved by the AKC Board. The Dog Show Rules Committee is requesting that this amendment go forward to the Delegates for a vote as per the AKC Bylaws.

Please let me know if you have any questions on either of these two measures. Keep in mind that the only measures listed here are those which could or do directly affect the Leonberger. I do not vote on measures that do not affect us.

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