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Owner: Michael & Suzanne Shumway

Petoskey, MI


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LadyWe have owned Leos since 2003 and are occasional breeders. We enjoy traveling with and showing our girls. Lady became a Grand Champion before she was 2 and her sister Alfie recently became the first American Leo to show at Crufts. We believe that Leonbergers are, foremost, members of our families. Our goals in breeding are to produce puppies who can develop into Leos that are friendly and welcoming of people, calm but still playful, and who know when to be gentle and loving. After temperament, health is our next biggest concern. Mates are chosen to reduce or eliminate known issues and to promote genetic diversity within the breed. Our Leos tend to be of a large and strong type, with full black masks, medium reddish brown coats with black tips, and slightly broad heads.

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