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Our love for the Leonberger breed began while living in Germany many many years ago. It was love at first sight, but also intrigue and appreciation, as we researched more about the breed and discovered their true gentle nature, sweet and solid temperament, and noble structure.

At Kellnor, we continue to strive to breed for that same old European type, while remaining true to the AKC breed standard with our goals to breed for quality, health, and temperament. We breed occasionally, and are extremely selective when planning litters.

Our dogs live in our home, and puppies are hand raised, socialized gently but consistently, and are safely exposed to many other breeds of dogs, children, farm animals, and different environments. We feel that our loving commitment to each puppy gives them a wonderful foundation to build from as they continue on their path.

Our dogs participate in AKC conformation dog shows, Rally, therapy work, and some have gone on to be service animals.

If you are interested in the Leonberger breed, please feel free to contact us.

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