Who can join?

Anyone interested in discussing the selected books.

Where is it held?

Information on books is posted here.  Discussion will take place on LeoSocial. Resources are posted on Leo-U.

Practical Canine AnatomyFirst Book:  Practical Canine Anatomy by Claudia Waller Orlandi, PhD.

*** NEWS – We will have AKC Judges joining us in this discussion – ***

The spiral bound text is available for purchase here. (it is book #302 from the Basset Club of America)

Study Guides are posted for your use in this Leo-U topic.

Discussion will be through LeoSocial under the Canine Anatomy Discussion Group.

Steps to participating in this discussion:

  1. Order your book as soon as possible.
  2. Join LeoSocial and join Canine Anatomy Discussion Group anytime.
    (Instructions for LeoSocial)
  3. Introduce yourself in the Group forum.
  4. Complete your LeoSocial Profile.
  5. Familiarize yo urself with the Leo-U resources.
  6. Beginning on June 29th, the first discussion topics will be posted – be ready to join the fun.