AKC Delegate’s Corner

Don James
LCA AKC Delegate

September 2016 Delegate Report

Several Items of note at the September meeting.

Fellow LCA member Jim Henshaw is now a Delegate representing the Mahoning-Shenango Kennel club in Youngstown Ohio.

Those of you who attended the 2012 Specialty in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, may remember the presentation given by NC State Geneticist Dr. Matthew Breen. Dr. Breen was a guest of the Canine Health committee to announce a breakthrough test to detect bladder cancer. Once bladder cancer is diagnosed, it’s usually too late. New tests are being used which will diagnose the cancer in time to save affected dogs. This disease is often misdiagnosed and time is critical in treating this cancer. Whole genome sequencing has shown a mutation that seems to indicate the presence of bladder cancer or Transitional cell carcinoma (TCC). Called a BREF positive mutation. There is now a test available for just the top 4 breeds (Shelties, West Highland Terriers, Scotties and Beagles) prone to bladder cancer to check for existence of TCC. Then the top 13 breeds will be included in the study. This mutation is present in only 85% of the dogs who have bladder cancer, so 15% won’t be detected.
Avoids treatment of symptoms and cuts straight to the treatment for cancer. Working thru AKC, you can order urine test kits. If positive, then you can have your Vet run the test for cancer instead of wasting time with regimens of antibiotics which will do no good. This data will be used to study human bladder cancer in much the same way as the test was developed for dogs. This is not a marker test. It only works on dogs who already have that cancer.

Dr. Breen also is hopeful that major research facilities may finally be starting to realize the importance of using dogs in their clinical studies leading to the development of potential cures for human diseases.

Dr. Jerry King, a veterinarian and genetics researcher gave a presentation at the Delegate’s forum during the general meeting. Its focus was assuring genetic diversity through genetic testing in of proposed litter sires and dams in our breeding programs.
The presentation knocked me off my chair. I’m hoping we might be able to arrange for Dr. King to make a presentation at our 2018 National Specialty. You would not want to miss that one.

The LCA is embarking on a program to create a single source archive of club historical documents. As part of my duties on the LCA Board of Directors, I have been placed in charge of this initiative and, as part if that work, visited AKC headquarters in Manhattan after our meeting to meet and talk with AKC’s Staff Archivist Brynn White. AKC offers archival services to member parent clubs at no charge and one option the committee is considering. More on this as we progress.

All Breed Committee – Ann Wallin Chair
An All Breed survey results and Best Practices will be posted on the AKC website.
Next survey – best financial practices for All Breed clubs

Closing dates for conformation events. Some confusion here. Superintendent’s letter. This is an OPTIONAL program.

Companion Events Committee – Larry Wilson Chair
Agility, Rally and Tracking participation has increased markedly.
Obedience participation has decreased.

Dog Show Rules Committee- Cindy Miller Chair
The following change is being sent to the AKC Board so it must be approved by the Board, read and then voted on. A club must host a show within its territory at least once every 2 years to maintain its territorial exclusivity. An appeals process will also be included.

Only veterans who are spayed/neutered are going to be allowed to show at AKC events. No other S/N dogs will be allowed to compete in AKC conformation events.

Herding Earthdog & Coursing Committee – Bob LaBerge Chair
Some coming revisions to the FAST CAT program, which is growing exponentially (up 30% in the past year) to allow 2 judges at cat events (coursing aptitude test)
31 fast cat events – 1500 entries
7.1% overall increase in the 3 HEC events participation.

Delegate Advocacy and Advancement Committee – Dan Smyth Chair
AKC website is undergoing another refresh.
Nominating committee issues. Do we still need the nominating committee function?
2 delegate videos have been created and should be available to clubs within the next 6 months.
What the delegate body does?
What should a club expect of their delegate?

Canine Health Committee – Susan Hamill. Chair
CHF has funded $1.2 Million so far this year.
Tick borne initiative is going strong.
Autoimmune Thyroiditis study is being funded.
Epilepsy study is ongoing
Study of early S/N affects is being done by UC Davis will now include studies on prevalence of cancers in early S/N dogs.

JAVMA (Journal of the American Veterinary Assn.) has published an article on dog show disease transmission which, due to its importance to the public they have decided to make publicly available (doesn’t happen very often). A layman’s translation is in the works and should be available on the JAVMA website shortly.

A new Webinar will be presented on October 18th dealing with progress being made in the development of various. cancer vaccines and immunotherapy. You can watch it on on the CHF website*******. Other webinars are available via podcast.

Coming soon:
Lymphoma tests
Mast cell tumor tests

Dr. Bill Christensen
March 2014 Perspectives discusses the Brucillosis issue in at risk translocated dog populations in shelter and/or rescue dogs that, if positive, can be transmitted to your breeding stock.

PBS documentary due next month on using dogs for cancer testing.

Several pieces of information concerning the AKC Website’s Marketplace offering
Did you know that even if you don’t have a current litter and you are a Breeder of Merit, you can create a breeder profile on Marketplace free of charge which at least allows you to field calls for referral which keeps potential buyers from going to the dark side to find a puppy. While it cannot be done at this time, AKC is going to look into allowing a club to list its designated breeder referral person on The Marketplace?
Mark Dunn is going to look into adding this capability to Ma

Parent Club Committee 9/11/16 – Pat Laurens Chair

48100 CGC Titles awarded
CGCA is included in these numbers.
CGC requires a canine partner number to receive the award. This a new requirement. Dogs must now be either registered or listed to receive the CGC designation.
Parent club rescue alliance list to be published for each individual parent club that is part of the alliance.
PC Health statements 138 clubs are participating. 6 of the top 50 clubs are not participating.
9/16 disaster trailer update:
341 clubs have now contributed to this fund.
Over $1 million donated by clubs with a 250,000 grant from AKC Reunite
51 trailers have been donated at this point.

Specialty show email campaign. Ten clubs will be selected to be used as test cases for this email blast campaign to advertise upcoming specialty events to the public in that area.
This effort will target AKC registry households in their area where one of these events is being scheduled to spur attendance.

Parent club conference can this be reinvigorated if we can find funding. Last one was in 2010. Need financing to make this work. A plan will be submitted to the Board by the Parent Club committee.

Parent Club Fast Track – I am part of a new committee which has been formed to ease the process for newly accepted breeds to become member clubs. There are too many roadblocks now and clubs are becoming frustrated which is derailing the entire process.

Showing S/N dogs – this is no longer going to be pursued. S/N dogs can still show in special non-pointed events, but cannot compete foe BOB honors.

A new staff member has been hired to help with our Junior programs. Developing programs designed to retain 18-25 YO members who used to show in our junior programs.

AKC Veterinary outreach – 4 Theriogenology residencies are being funded by AKC.

Parent Club rescue placement on Marketplace. Approved parent club rescue groups whomare part of the AKC Rescue Alliance are going to be able to list available dogs in a special area of the Marketplace. This commitment has been made by AKC.

Group realignment survey results: A survey given to all Delegates shows momentum growing for some form of group realignment.
551 Delegates were polled with 353 responses (this uncommonly high number of responses indicate great interest in pursuing this.
Yes 71% No 29% on all 4 questions posed.
Board has established a new committee to propose a new restructure of conformation groups. Clubs will be polled and asked where they would like to be placed. It was suggested that we approach this not as a whole but a just one new group(s) in 2017 to see how it works.

New reinstatement procedures from the Board (used when a dog has previously been disqualified from an AKC event).
Four new requirements to fain reinstatement:
1) Clubs can agree or disagree to stage a reinstatement procedure. If an owner has petitioned AKC to hold a reinstatement hearing at an upcoming event, the sponsoring club will be given the opportunity accept or deny the request. The owner will be notified of the proposed hearing 1 month prior to their show.
2) Dogs scheduled for reinstatement must have proof of insurance prior to ant reinstatement procedure occurring.
3) AKC now has show insurance policies for Judges
4) DQ’d dogs must immediately leave the grounds.

August 11-13 2017 will be the dates for the next parent club health conference in St. Louis.

Hunt Test Committee – Dave Hopkins Chair
All test participation numbers are up for the year.
Dave Hopkins is stepping down after 9 years as the chair of this committee. Jim Corbett will be the new chair.
By Laws Committee – Gretchen Bernardi Chair
Gretchen will ask for a non-binding vote on waiving the $25 fee a delegate judge must now pay to get a new breed. The fee will be waived only for Delegate Judges. This non-binding resolution was passed almost unanimously at the general meeting.

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