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Don James
LCA AKC Delegate

December Delegate Report
Don James, LCA AKC Delegate
Keep your eyes peeled for a new offering coming from AKC’s Judge’s Education Department. It’s called ‘The Canine College’. Judges (and other interesting parties) will be able to purchase and download highly detailed studies of AKC breeds. Courses will include a wide range of topics including breed specific courses, courses for breeders and judges as well as for groomers, CGC Evaluators, etc.
Breed courses will use that breed’s JE coordinator as the source for creating breed specific courses. Each parent club will nominate a breeder/member to act as the liaison with the Canine College developers. The website to access the CC content is found at: akc.org/resources/caninecollege. Cart based purchasing from web site.

CC personnel video tape our dogs at a selected show. The club selects dogs they want to participate. At least 10-12 dogs, bitches and puppies will be used. Club selects dogs they want to participate. Once you buy, it is yours forever updates included. JEC and club secretary will both be contacted to give the Board input into who should be the person who appears in the video (the major contact for the project). There will be a webinar available for those who are selected as the person who will represent the breed for this project.

We were able to watch what they’ve done with the Logotto Romagnolo and it was quite impressive. Why the Logotto you ask? AKC has decided to begin with breeds which are at the low end of the Low Entry breed list to give Judge’s an opportunity to understand a breed when there’s a better than even chance they’ve never seen one. The Leonberger is currently at the very top of the Low Entry breed list, but we are already working with our Judge’s Education group to begin the process of adding the Leonberger to the list of breeds you can study at the Canine College.
At this meeting, I attended the Health Committee meeting and, of course, the Parent Club committee of which I am a member.
Parent Club Committee 12/15/16

CGC 54340 dogs now have their CGC. We have added 6000 dogs since the September meeting.

Disaster Trailer Report
55 trailers have been built and delivered
4 are currently under construction.
27 communities are currently trying to fund trailers.
4 trailers were deployed during the recent wild fires that decimated Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Parent Club Self Evaluation Forms
60 breeds have now submitted Parent Club self-evaluation forms.

Targeted Specialty Email Campaign
AKC has begun a targeted email campaign to alert the public when a breed Specialty show is scheduled in their area. Steven Pessah at AKC is the contact if clubs are interested in getting involved in this program. Steve.Pessah@akc.org
Parent Club Conference update
Although funding has yet to be secured, there is talk of scheduling another Parent Club Conference in the next couple of years. The event has not taken place since 2010. Details will be forthcoming.

Government Relations

AKC PAC – $50,000 has been contributed to the AKC PAC. Half came from parent clubs.
Money has been made available to allow AKC Vice President of Government Relations Sheila Goff to increase her staff for next year.

AKC Marketplace
There will be a rescue tab created and added to the Marketplace for Parent Club rescue organizations.
There are still issues with vetting breeders who appear on Marketplace. A well-known importer of European puppy mill dogs has been listed on Marketplace for months.
Veterinary Outreach
15 Lunch & Learn events with vet students at local colleges have been completed in the last 3 months.
Delegates can be ambassadors for a particular school and be available to do presentations on AKC and purebred dogs.

Group Reassessment
This is the new name of the Group Realignment committee. The last time group realignment was discussed was in 2009. Nothing that was done in 2009 should have any bearing on what this committee brings to the Board. Group realignment is going to happen. At this point, it is unknown how many groups will be in the final proposal but with 45 breeds currently in the pipeline to become recognized, we can no longer tolerate groups that would have upwards of 40 dogs. We are well positioned to get the Leonberger into whatever new group we decide we want to be a part of.
Health Committee 12/15/16
CHIC Update
CHIC is now 15 years old.
178 breeds are participating
7500 new dogs listed in CHIC
23000 samples in DNA Bank
Swab samples are no longer considered a valid test mechanism
Blood samples are the only type used for actual research.
Researchers are more likely to use your breed for studies if there are more blood samples available in the bank.

CHF is funding a research effort on canine congenital deafness focusing on Dalmatians, English Setters and ACDs. An Epilepsy study being funded by CHF.
Parent clubs are responsible for setting the health testing standards that are listed in the CHIC database.

International Partnership for Dogs.

Vet outreach is going very well. SAVMA is an organization of vet school representatives who have delegate meetings every year. AKC has finally gotten on their radar and are on the schedule for this year’s meeting. Also on the agenda for the International SAVMA organization which will have their annual conference in 2017 at NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Report from Dr. Diane Brown CHF CEO

A new CHF grant brochure is now available with descriptions of research studies that have been funded for this year.
Update on tick borne disease effort. 38 clubs have contributed to 5 studies and AKC has announced. $250,000 matching grant for a series of tick-borne disease studies.
Six new studies on Lymphoma are being funded

It is important for everyone to understand that all research labs are not necessarily the same. Some are not qualified to do the work they are accepting contributions to complete.
International partnership for dogs and CHIC are working with CHF dogs to develop a standard for labs to make sure they are meeting basic quality control standards. Qualified labs will be listed on a publicly available database.

The 2017 Canine Health Conference will be held in St. Louis August 11-13.

DHF will be presenting several webinars scheduled for 2017
May 10th will be an update on progress made studying Hamangiosarcoma.
You can watch new ones and any old ones that have been done previously at www.akcchf.org.

Marketplace health statements for 202 breeds should have been posted on the AKC website. Link PC rescue organizations to Marketplace. Should be a separate
link under the health tab.

Breeders of Merit can now only be listed on the Marketplace website for those breeds that they have that designation. They can no longer pass themselves off as a BOM for several breeds when they are only BOMs for one breed.

Over 10,000 Breeders of Merit are now listed on Marketplace.
Over 3,000 Bred with Heart breeders are now listed on Marketplace

Dr. Carmen Battaglia is beginning a study of decline in entries, litters, registration overall number of breeders. Why is this happening. The study will break breeds up into 3 categories:

The Top 62 breeds
The Middle 62 breeds
Lower 62 breeds (low entry category)

Carmen will have some suggestions on this once it is presented to the Board.

Dr. Jerold Bell’s presentation to the Delegate committee from September is available now on Youtube. Search on Youtube to find it. It’s worth watching and very interesting to see what top genetic researchers are doing in their study of purebred breeds.
Coordinating Committee 12/15/16

Jim Corbett – Hunt Test & Field Trial Committee
Nothing really to report.

Bob LaBerge – Herding Earthdog Coursing Committee
CAT (The Coursing Aptitude Test) best practices document has been finished and delivered to AKC VP of Sports & Events Doug Ljundgren. Issues that have surfaces with Fast CAT will be covered in another Best Practices documents.

Dan Smyth – Delegate Advocacy & Advancement Committee
38 new Delegates attended the orientation session in September
Two new Delegate videos about the Delegate body and the importance of your Delegate will be available to all clubs by the March meeting.

Larry Wilson – Companion Events (obedience rally and agility) Committee
New incentives are coming up for all three of these events
New Agility Grand Champion designation has been released. Three dogs have already qualified.
Cindy Miller – Dog Show Rules Committee
Vote on extending closing dates to 11:59 not noon as it is now. This is not a requirement. If passed, it give the club an option to extend.

The territorial motion will be read for a vote in March.

Restructuring of junior showmanship is being considered.

Ann Wallin – All Breed Committee
Best practice documents are on the All-Breed web page.

An All-Breed advisory team available to breed clubs that are struggling with membership or financial issues.
This team is headed by AKC Board member Carl Ashby.

Gretchen Bernardi – By Laws Committee
An amendment to do away with the nominating committee has been sent to the Board.
A discussion of implementing term limits for committee members and committee chairs as a way to encourage new Delegates to stay around longer than a lot of them do. Many Delegates feel it is almost impossible to be elected to many of the committees because those committees have member who have been on the committee for 15 to 20 years.

Delegates General Meeting, Friday 12/16/2016
The majority of the General Meeting was devoted to a Q&A session directed at the 9 candidates for September’s AKC Board election. It was a lively session with some very well thought out questions which resulted in a much better Answer portion of the session that I’ve seen in my three prior years of attending the December meeting.
The only vote that was held was a measure put forward by the Dog Show Rules committee which would (optionally) allow clubs to extend the deadline for event entry from noon on the Wednesday 2 weeks prior to that show to midnight of the same day. Most votes are done by an ‘aye’ or ‘nay’ voice vote. President Dennis Sprung initially indicated that the motion had passed but was challenged to do a complete count. Turns out the measure did not receive the necessary 2/3rds majority so it failed.
The next Delegate meeting will be in Newark, NJ on March 13th and 14th.
Don James
LCA AKC Delegate

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